Do you need in-house Conflict Resolution program?

Conflicts are a natural part of the workplace. The practice of identifying  and resolving conflicts in a sensible, fair and efficient manner is essential in today’s environment. More than ever competition, downsizing and other economic pressures are part of daily life. Employee engagement, retention and productivity are adversely affected by the secondary symptoms of disputes.

Considering the new Whistleblower laws how current are you procedures and policies? Does your organization have a uniform prospective employee and new hire package with all the appropriate forms and statements?

Does your company have a hired employee package that includes employee orientation forms, new employee information sheet, Federal & State required documents, employee policy handbook, drug/alcohol policy, workplace violence policy, employee handbook, etc?
Do you and your employees know what to do when an accident occurs?
Do you and your employees know what documentation to fill out after an accident occurs?
Do you review exposure and compliance issues?
Do you have an 800 hotline to consult with on claims & employee injury litigation?
Are your safety, human resources and dispute resolution issues updated regularly?
Do you have a company safety policy statement and employee safety policies?
Do you have a safety literature and safety video library readily available for use?
Does your company hold regular safety inspections and have safety awareness training?
Is your company OSHA compliant on HAZCOM, Lockout/Tag-out, Personal protective equipment, etc.?
Are you D.O.T. compliant?
Do you have an Alternative Dispute Resolution program in place to help protect your company from employee or customer brought lawsuits?
Do your invoices/rental agreements include ADR clauses that can protect you from costly litigation?

If Human Resource intervention fails to resolve an employee conflict and your standard next step is to call in the attorneys, you may want to institute an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program. Litigation is expensive, time consuming and detrimental to a collaborative culture.  Mediation through ADR  has a high degree of success in creating a long term, mutually satisfying settlement and preserves important relationships.  ADR programs include discovering and analyzing the sources of conflict, identifying and training skills to help defuse anger or aggression.  ADR programs can also empower  employees through education, training, and coaching to utilize conflict tools and support core values.




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