Coaching is about working with organizations to remove barriers to an individual’s success. This done by understanding and accepting change, the triggers of conflict, communication and other skills to reach accord in the workplace or to renew commitment to personal/professional objectives and interests. This specialized and confidential process quickly and measurably contributes to improved work and life environments and relationships.

Individuals are frequently unaware of the effects of their own behavior or how certain behavior, words and assumptions are contributing to a conflict. Recognizing patterns of negative behavior that are keeping a conflict going can be extremely challenging. Coaching can be used as a way of gaining insight into  conflict. With better understanding the individual can identify triggers and prepare responses to avoid slipping into negative patterns.

Coaches are experienced and  trained to observe, analyze, strategize and support change.  Assisting in modifying or developing new thought process or behaviors  that will drive modifications in relationships in business or/and in personal life. Conflict coaches bring additional expertise with background in mediation.


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